Eight n Nine! awwYEEEAAAA

Hows it going, followers? All goes fairly smoothly here, in my little swath of the multiverse. Starting to see vast improvement in my skill-set with my foam weapons, secured vacation time in July so that I only work 10 days the WHOLE month, and have finished the projected plan for my sweetheart’s return. just need to finish the gift package, then… the waiting…. THE GODS! the waiting….In the mean time, I will be continuing my work on a short story, which is very near the stages of rough draft, sparring with my close friends in “Foam Combat” and enjoying the warm weather my area has to offer! (the 1-2 days a week it permits) hmm… what to rant about this week?  ..thinking……thinking…………..thiiinnnkinnnngg… drawing a huge blank.  Other than not seeing her, or talking to her as much as I’d like, there isn’t a lot for me to complain about, really. Though, I have been playing alot of “Skyrim” lately and there have been, like, a LUDICROUS amount of dragons randomly popping up all over the place. All of the NPC characters are always talking about how they don’t believe what they hear about dragons attack “Village X” across the kingdom from theirs. The thing about it is, I’ve walked all over, from end to end, from top to bottom and even scaled the highest peaks, and I’ve seen, heard, and slayed, like…. 30 or more of these Thor-forsaken flying geckos. I’ll be walking down a path, watching dear wander about, a few bandits attacking a small group of huntsmen, then RRROOOAAARRRRR!!!!! A dragon swoops in, the size of a GD Tractor-trailer, wings flapping, stirring up a hideous gale and belching forth a woeful blast of either, Hells fury of an inferno, A frozen typhoon of ice, sleet, and wind capable of freezing over the core of the sun, or lastly, a crackling whip of lightning so bright and hot that it could blind the blind…again…Though, large, loud *thanks to full surround sound) and very well done by the art team of this game, their A.I. makes them bound on ill intent about as much so as overly energetic puppy…. that can melt/freeze/explode a house. Yea.. so a flamethrowing Semi-truck flies through a village, lands, stomps over to me ( a normal adventurer) who proceeds to slap the life right out of this leviathan with nothing more than over sized hatchet. THEN!  because of the lore of the game and me playing an individual whose body cages inside of it, the soul of an ancient dragon its self, (because if I were a centuries old draconian demigod, I would totally want to come back as a human(ish) being and try to bring some medieval justice to a bunch of rambunctious,overgrown, flying, iguanas) the dragon begins to dissolve in front of me, while i absorb its soul into mine. Think, Ghostbusters, but no Egon, Slimer, or Proton-paks. Aftterword, all that remains of this epic (gross exaggeration) battle IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN, 3..maybe 4, people run over and go “A DRAGON!?  I THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST A MYTH!”  Nowhere does anyone else in town even remotely acknowledge the dragon that just flew over, or that fact it crash landed 10yrds away, shaking the ground… But my last point..of those 3-4 people who DID see it, why in the holy hand grenade did not a SINGLE one of them notice that I killed it…. solo… with a hand axe… there are people out there with much larger weapons who die in 1v1 combat to smaller, notably LESS threatening (and deadly) animals than a dragon, and yet, these people act like all they saw was a child step on a spider. If we, as a people, saw a man fight the lochness monster to the death in melee combat, that would be on CNN, FOX, and even probably even the “ticker” on the bottom of the screen on ESPN. Nothing else in the world would matter to the news for at least 16 hours. But not in Skyrim.. the world where no one thought dragons existed.. but when one DOES show up, and Joe down the road beats it until it’s lifeless, everyone is just shrugs like “Meh =| ” and goes about their sad peasant lives. Maybe I’ll stop killing these dragons…Let them pile up and just over run the world. eating everything. Cows, deer, trolls, neighbors, ect. Until there is nothing left except me, and 2 other people in the whole game.   Just so I can kill a dragon, and have one not even notice, and the other tell me dragons are still just myths. ANYWAY!  off to go kill some more dragons I guess. or something….. until next week followers!!!

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Week(s) 5-7

Well, I bet some of you were wondering where I went. I took a very involuntary mini-cation from alot of the digital world, save for keeping in touch with a very few VERY select people. For the past few weeks, I’ve been working hours shy of 60hour weeks and having a RAGING chest cold the whole time! YAY for perfect attendance incentives that drive all but the very weakest of us to show up every day, including overtime! (mandatory or “voluntary”)

This “incentive” you ask? Well…”We,” at work, are rewarded for showing up, on time, everyday, for a 90 day calendar period, with a $50 gift card to WalMart. Now, before we go into a HUGE fight about how WalMart may or may not be evil, or that there are WAAAAAY better (Michigan based) alternatives, let me say that you can buy gift cards to almost anywhere else AT WalMart, so… its not that bad. But, of course, you could follow my lead and just sell them for face value to friends and family that shop at Walmart. Mostly because, Walmart doesn’t have a gas station here, and you can’t fuel your car on a physical gift card.. they don’t go down the gas tube easily and seem to not break down or be as combustible as gasoline…. go figure. ANYWAY! So, long story short, my job plays “devil’s advocate” when it comes to motivating us to work ourselves into fits of discomfort and frustrated, congested, head achy, and “I JUST DON’T F#&^ING FEEL GOOD, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” fits of rage I digress from this point and migrate unto another that has been of mild focus for the past few weeks as well. For we all know, despite all attempts to the contrary, work DOES let me have some days off here and there. This would be my on going mini-saga of my divorce. Now, before you get the pop corn out and prepare for juicy stories of drama and the like, there really isn’t any. Other than a few speed bumps, everything has just been quiet and be hind the scenes. OH! for those who didn’t know, I’m going through a divorce. We grew apart, shes wanted to be with someone else, I told her that’s understandable, we had grown apart. Well, after much time and much dinero, she has finally been served! Now hopefully that it is all “real,” things will continue to be as mellow and amicable. Now on to the primary focus of the blog!  *drum roll* …..ok, not sure the drums were really needed, but, whatever. My special lady of interest! Aside from missing her a little more each day, that also makes me appreciate every moment we shared before her trip, and will appreciate when she returns! I’m in process of preparing for her return, planning our first “post trip” date, a small gift package, and some other tokens of affection. I refuse to go into too much detail, because she is a reader of the blog too, and I don’t wanna spoil the fun!  (hello darling, I hope you are enjoying the entry.) Well, blogheads, I think I’m going to wrap up this one, gotta save some material for next week!  I will try not to fall ill on you all again, and leave you blog-less. How horrid it must have been! IM SO SORRY!!!! haha, ok, enough of me being a smartass!  until next week followers! 

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Week 4: Every little bit counts

This week came and went fairly well. Have gotten into the game “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” and its helping melt some time, as well I have gotten myself into writing and reading more. Also with Easter being this past week, I was a day behind on my post this week. Easter went off well, dinner and time spent at my mother’s, and a visit with my grandparents. Then Monday was spent doing errands and fixing my grandmothers “smart tv.” But last week was full of some pretty nice decisions. Decided that this summer will be spent playing disc golf with my little one and spending more time in town, around people. As far as work this week, starting to think the person i trade off with at work is starting to develop and elitist attitude towards me, and comes across snarky at times. Kind of think its because of the person training him, as this man seems to be this way to everyone and is know to be 2 faced. But it is what it is. As far as my darling, she seems to be doing well, she is exploring a new hobby and I’m very happy to see how much excitement she has for it. Though everyday seems to go by a little bit faster than the prior, the days are anything but fleeting. it’s still a long slow slog ahead until she gets back to me, but at least we get to talk to each other 1-3 times a week and it always refreshes my stalwart feelings when i see her face and see her smile at me 🙂 well, my computer is starting to lag badly, so i must cut this short, until next week!  *POOF*

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Week 3: Unintended distraction

So, another week down, and yet it still feels like I have “FOREVER” to go! Just a reminder, the earliest she will be returning, as I am to understand, will be August, for those who were unclear to the point of numbering my weeks such as I have been. Anywho! Well, this week went by rather uneventful, but peaceful none the less. Started my week off with a movie I had psyched myself up for: “The Frankenstein Theory.”  This is not a movie review, so don’t expect much, but it was worth watching, but probably not buying.. and only if you are into “mid budget” B movies that follow the “found footage” style of horror movies. That being said, personally, I was more sad for what it WASN’T, than for what it was.. For what it was, it was solid, and entertaining. What I was hoping for was a movie that was a bit more thrilling, maybe played with the plot a bit more….. and some passable acting… All of those things were left to be desired, but oh well. 2.5/5   the rest of the weekend went ok, until we arrived to Tuesday night.. It would appear, that sometime during the day, my 3year old son decided to play every potty training child’s favorite trial and error game of ” WILL…….IT….. FLUUUUSSHHH!?!?!?”   well, if my keen powers of observation are serving me as well as they usually do, it seems like the stopping point was a rolled up, almost empty tube of arm and hammer toothpaste followed by about 25 wet wipes.. after about 4 days of snaking and plunging like some crazed plumber stuck in a delirium, i got the clog to give a little.. now, it isn’t much, but i have achieved a slow flush. I know, i know.. im accepting any and all gifts in a congratulatory manner. The work week went by fairly well, as well, or as well as it could, given the circumstances. Due to the understood NDA of the intricacies of my job I cant go into deep details, but one of my production lines is still chugging forward with its goal to be fully FDA certified and running FDA regulated products by the end of the calendar year. Now, this sounds fancy, and well, it IS… But fancy has another meaning in the manufacturing world,  “Fancy (n):  PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! but I digress.  and now for the part everyone is interested in.. My lovely, lovely lady friend 🙂 Everything is still very well, with her and I. Despite her absence approaching the 1 month mark, I still have the feeling like she just left. Maybe its the oxytocin talking there, but the buzz of her presence still remains. Enough mush though, anyway, Its late… I’m tired… “Always Sunny” is on…. I’ll see you guys next week!   Thanks for reading, Followers!

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Week 2

…and so the saga continues, followers. This week went by with out too much of a struggle. In fact I would dare say it went fairly smooth. The only real hiccup i incurred was a certain special someone’s schedule keeping here away. But, it’s not her fault. I don’t have any blame for her. In other news, this week’s post is scarce for content, mostly because I’ve been cheating and writing these a day late (monday afternoon, instead of Sunday) and I’m still rather “under the weather” from the previous night’s festivities. In any case, I will atleast attempt to entertain those whom have landed here today. Well, turns out Amazon’s shipping/logistical team is a bunch or re-knobs (yea, i dont know what the hell that is either, but it sounds kinda snarky) so last weekend I finally got around to ordering new shoes. my old pair….well.. I will attach the photos to this post, along with a shot of the upgrades. Anyway, while going through the final parts of this online sale, it asked my “preferred method of shipping” and since I’m a cheap bastard when it comes to buying stuff for my self, I opted for the free option. The free option’s only stipulation was it could take 5-8 days and it would be coming standard USPS.. notice how I said “USPS” as in the regular mail system. The initial tracking report from the order when it shipped stated my order was due to arrive Wed, the 20th. Fine.. that was almost 8 days on the nose, no worry, I was getting what I didn’t pay for. Fast forward to the 17th. I received an email stating “the address i provided was incorrect and the shipment remained undelivered.”    -FedEx   Ok, so the USPS got benched in favor of FedEx, no worries.. except I ordered my shoes to be delivered to my USPS mailing address, my P.O. Box, by the USPS. This works….until they give your address to a company that only delivers to porches, and doorsteps around here. Luckily, when the snafu occurred the post office stepped up and received my package for me and stuck a helpful little note in my little mail portal today.  So, after all, new shoes and my feet feel better.. just wish my head did. well, hopefully the lack of vocabulary, use of slang and other grammatical short-cuts didn’t tarnish your views of me too much this week.. Again, i plead hungover and unmotivated.  until next week, followers!  ImageImageImage

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Week 1: the saga continues…

Well, here we go again, followers. The end of another week, though its only the 2nd one, it feels like forever since I’ve seen her. I dont want this to just be about me lementing about how she isnt here, thats not the point, well, thats not the entirety of the point. So, Lets start the weekly recap off with last Sunday. Well, the day was long and uneventful. I had signed up to cover a friend’s vacation day, so I was atleast being monetarily productive, and I did have solid social plans set for after work. See, Sunday is also my “day of worship,” but it’s not Gods that I am paying tribute, but worshiping the always important “Day with my bros.” As with pretty much every Sunday since sometime this past fall, it has been “Dungeons and Dragons” night with my closest friends. With the exception of one of them, I have been gaming with these particular friends for the better part of 8-10 years. Though it wasnt how I was becoming greatly fond of spending my Sunday evenings, it was my long estqablished routine, and as fun and deeply enjoyable it always is to roll some dice and share the stories of the week with each other, part of me still yearned for a bottle or 2 of wine, a couch, and “The Office” on Netflix. Mostly, though, I just wanted to be with her. Luckily, part of this was eased with a phone call, which I was VERY happy to take and if even for a moment, felt like she wasn’t half a world away. Well, moving on from Sunday, into Monday. Monday was spent running all the errands i have to stave off from Sunday due to work. Needless to say, it was a fair-paced day. I do not feel it necessary to bore you all with the minute details of the day, so we will just leave it as i put it, a “fair-paced day.”  Tuesday, on the other hand, was a bit more eventful. Due to the sensitive nature of the matter dealt with Tuesday, I cannot disclose the events of the day, but the day went well, over all. After said “non disclosed events,” I visited with my little sister at her apartment for an hour or so to catch up. Fondly, I remember vowing to “never speak to her again, after we grew up.” Funny how despite all the normal bumps and scuffles of having a sibling, they truly remain one of your closest friends, so to say. After leaving there, it was off to home for a few hours before it was time to trade the munchkin off to his mother for her half of the week. Being as though I work 12 hour shifts, which basically removes me from all life not relevant to my job for upto 14 hours in a work day, including travel and the like, its almost impossible to justify having him on my work days. Luckily I *usually* only work 3-4 days a week, alternating 3 day and 4 day week/weekends. So in turn I get him for the same amount of time. Back on track, after I dropped my son off, it was time to take care of my last errands for the week, Tax return loot!
 I find it quite exciting, to be honest. Its like my own personal X-mas to my self. This year’s haul was purely quality of life upgrades. Since my now, “former” desktop pc slowly began its decent into total failure, it was time to upgrade. Since I didnt have the financal obligations of previous years, I spent the extra money on a rather imba list of parts to build what would best be discribed as the “muscle car” of home computers. Which, isnt a bad thing really, the plan is for this to be more than a 3 year investment like previous pc have been. With that out of the way, I was set on righting a wrong that took place 2 years before. When my little dude was 1, he somehow managed to murder my 48″ LCD HDTV with my old SNES console deck. He just heaved it at the screen and it was all over. So for the past couple of years, we have been keeping entertained by an abysmally small by comparison, 19″ standard definition CRT TV. So, now I have a good PC, able to do everything i demand it does, a good TV for me and the little one to watch our shows on and play our games on too, and life is good here. Here I am, ending week 1 and getting ready to face week 2 down and move 7 days closer to seeing my darling again. Until next week, followers!

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W3ek Zer0

End of “Week Zero”

Post #1


Well, for those who know me, welcome and thanks for following me. For those who DON’T know me so well, also welcome and thanks for following, and I hope you enjoy getting to know me through this. Let me start off with a mini intro to kind of bring you up to speed with who I am, “in a nut shell.” For the sake of trying to remain fairly anonymous, I will be referring to myself by my online handle “Gim” or the long form “Gimvarg.” Well, I grew up in the area I’m currently residing, and have lived in my current house for almost 7 years now. Through all this time, I’ve watched myself grow up, learn lots and lots of life lessons, gained and lost friends, matured in the mind, experienced this, that, and the other things in life, and have started and finished a few chapters in my life in this home. With that being said lets jump right into current events. So as of recent (starting about one year ago) I’ve found my self at a crossroads in life. For the past year, up until about this past Fall, I have been attempting to bail out the sinking ship of my floundered marriage. Seems as though things had fizzled out and twas a job much too big for a single half of the couple to save and the other half was all too concerned with moving on with her life. All well and good, people change, we may have rushed things in the beginning and moved way too fast. To cut right to it though, it became very apparent by early summer that there was no longer anything to save, so as hard as it was for a true blooded “renaissance warrior” to do, I gave up that fight. As things changed at home, I adapted, and changed with them. She was moving full steam ahead with her new life and, though at the time I was very much jealous and filled with contempt for her, those feelings have long subsided. By the end of fall, she was set on moving out, moving on and in her mind “moving up” in the world, and by December she was ready for her next step. The first week of Dec. she moved out. Packed up what she could in her car and picked up her knight in shining armor and moved into her new place. Leaving me behind to sort everything out and with very minimal “closure” of what exactly had happened over the year thus far, I was quick to move on as well. As a part of a “genius” plan I had hatched I also threw in a few life style changes as well, because whats better than a complete overhaul of your life all at once? Anyway, my crazy plan worked with out a hitch! Not only have I weathered the inclement “shitstorm” of my separation, turned divorce with what all of my friends, and even my Ex, have called “zen like calmness,” I am right on schedule on a complete dietary change to hopefully add some more years of pillaging to my life! All this among some personal changes on how I deal with certain things, and I really feel like I’ve grown about 5 or 6 years in maturity. Which, by my count, puts me somewhere in my mid 30’s mentally. Well, right in the middle of this “retooling” of my life I met a very special lady to me. Started as a mutual interest on a pretty basic dating profile site, turned into an extremely pleasant first date, which turned into another amazing date, and so on up to this point. As with seemingly everything outstanding thing in my life, there is always a trial of my inner strength and patience, and the start of what I hope and wish to become a very, very, very long, next chapter in my life is of course, no exception to this rule. What I’m talking about is, not long after meeting and starting to grow fond and very interested in this woman, she was accepted to a program that would take her abroad for a great opportunity and she was very much excited about this. The down side? She would be gone for 6-10 months. Oh how twisted the fates can be to me, I often wonder internally. So, this is where we catch up to “today.” Well, like the header states, this is the completion of “Week Zero” since her departure from the region, and though I was told that I probably not going to hear from her for about a week, due to the high amount of stuff she would be doing upon arrival to her destination, she still manages to talk to me every spare chance she can steal. Right there is one of the main reasons I know I’m going to get through the next 6-8months with my sanity still intact, Her. Always manages to surprise for the better, and squeeze every ounce of her time for me. Which, in return I think I do a pretty good job too. Though, like I mentioned, it wasn’t long after we met that she embarked upon her adventure, mutually, we felt like old souls together. I don’t think that I would be so optimistic about the next half a year if we didn’t. Well, I think that’s about enough for this week. Going to enjoy my 2 days off and start thinking about next week’s post. Until next week!

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